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Our Shuttles

After 5 years of operating our popular Main Attractions Tour, we know what you want the most…
More Time at Each Stop! / Fewer People in the Group!

New York Tour Bus Lane

In 2017, we decided that mode of transportation should also cut lines, therefore we are now taking the NYC MTA buses for our tours and reducing our tour groups down to just 25 people per tour. The City Bus is able to fly down the city road, passing cars and private buses that are stuck in traffic as they mostly have their own lanes to travel. All cars must move out of the way for a city bus to pass. On our tour, we spend 70{f621c4649680823e84a90b786e32ad83a1930c15f33ff9230ccf5ab2e3d4e701} of our 9 Hour Tour not on the bus, because we are constantly getting out of the bus, so we know using a faster mode of transportation will help you achieve what you want….more time at each location.


  • Smaller Group Tours then ever before
  • Faster Transportation to each location.
  • Costs for MTA bus rides to each location are included on the tour.
  • * Fully Handicap Accessible